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Review: Steve Jobs (Walter Isaacson)

It’s hard not to admire the person who introduced ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’, or ‘the world’s thinnest notebook’. He came up with the coolest gadgets, and remade the way we use phones. When he died last October, everybody grieved at the loss of one of the world’s greatest visionaries.

After reading his biography, I realized how apt the description was – he wasn’t a programmer or a designer, nor was he an artist. He didn’t really invent anything, but instead, had this amazing foresight that could connect the dots and come up with products that would sell. For example, the idea for the iPod wasn’t new. There had been music players before then, with a very limited capacity. Being a music lover himself, he wanted to improve the listening experience. As luck would have it, one of his people came across a very small hard drive capable of storing more than 20 songs. Thus, the iPod was born.

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