Topic: meal of the week

Meal of the Week: Buffalo Wings and Things

The verdict: Wimped out and chose the mildest spicy sauce (“The Rookie”) for the buffalo wings, but it still gave a good kick after a few bites. The 1/2 pound serving comes with 4 or 5 pieces, and the dirty rice (seasoned, topped with salsa, tastes like a taco) is a good complement to it. Not a huge serving, but good for a snack.

Meal of the Week: Xiao Long Bao at Shi Lin

The verdict: If you’ve never had steamed soup dumplings before, Shi Lin is a good place to start. Just don’t grab for them as soon as they arrive — let them rest and cool a bit first.The six-piece order of xiao long bao is just enough for two. We had this with the spare ribs, a side of veggies and fried rice.

Spend: Under P700 for everything.

We had this meal at Shi Lin in Podium, Ortigas Center.

Meal of the Week: Super Papa Pizza from Papa John’s

Papa John's - Super Papa pizza

The verdict: Super good! You can taste all the ingredients that go into this wonderful pizza: pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and olives. They claim the dough is freshly hand-made for every order — and you believe it!

Meal of the Week: Dae Ji Kalbi (grilled pork ribs) from Ara

Meal of the Week: Dae Ji Kalbi (grilled pork ribs) from Ara

The verdict: Flavorful and tender, and fun to eat! You may choose to have your meat served already cooked, or cooked right in front of you in the smokeless grill. Dae Ji Kalbi is a Korean grilled meat dish, and it comes with lettuce and condiments, plus an array of side dishes (which is how Koreans like to eat their meals).

Meal of the Week: Kaisen Don from Oki Oki

Meal of the Week: Kaisen Don from Oki Oki

The verdict: Not a real kaisen don, by any means, but this seafood and vegetable rice bowl is yummy enough to satisfy anyone willing to overlook the misnomer. Especially since shrimp is good and the vegetables retain their crispness.

Meal of the Week: Hahalapeno Burger at Big Better Burgers

Hahalapeno Burger at Big Better Burgers, Robinson's Forum

The verdict: Yummy and satisfying. The burger is big enough you might have to put in some effort to fit it between your jaws to get a bite. Forget the quarter-pounder, this one has a 1/3 pound grilled burger which was tender and cooked just enough to be done yet be still juicy. The bread is toasted both inside and out, which we thought was a nice extra.

Meal of the Week: Stuffed pork loin at Texas Roadhouse Grill

Stuffed Pork Loin at Texas Roadhouse Grill

The verdict: Savory, tender and cheesy. Which is great if you like fried food and cheese (like we do!). Like chicken cordon bleu, but with pork.

Meal of the Week: Pork Adobo Pusit at Crisostomo

Meal of the Week: Pork Adobo Pusit at Crisostomo

The verdict: This fabulous twist on the classic Filipino favorite answers the question “Why go out to eat adobo?”

Meal of the Week: Hickory Smoked Ribs at Banapple

  The verdict: Delicious and filling, a great deal for the price. Can be improved if the meat were a bit more tender, and if the thick (and overwhelmingly flavorful) sauce was instead served on the side. Spend: Under P200. We had this meal at Banapple, Ayala Triangle Park, Makati City.

Meal of the Week: Vigan Longanisa Sandwich and Coffee at Starbucks

The verdict: Fans of Vigan longanisa on pasta will see this as a natural progression. It’s got egg and mozzarella, and is a great savory sandwich for breakfast or a light snack.  Paired it with brewed coffee. (Asked for the short size, although it no longer appears on the menu.) Spend: Under P200. Had this