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New Year Beauty

It’s the first month of a New Year and everyone’s feeling giddy. Style and beauty-wise, this is the perfect time to just go for it! Try that trend you’ve been dying to wear or get that haircut you’ve always wondered about. 

Whatever change you’re making, remember this one simple commandment: commit to it. If you’re going to be half-hearted, it’s never going to look like it suits you. Wearing looks with pride and confidence is the key to stand-out style. 

Fasyon holiday gifts

Fasyon holiday gifts: J Crew military jacket

It’s the season for Christmas parties and holiday wishlists are circulating like crazy. With friends and family practically begging you to just tell them, dangit, what you really want for Christmas, here’s the perfect chance to ask for fashion-y items to kick your New Year wardrobe into high gear! Don’t be shy – you’ve been good all year, so be specific with the pegs and visual aids (I put my wishlist up on my blog for the world to see, ha!). Or, conversely, you may be the one doing the shopping and you don’t quite know what to give your stylish tita (or boss or niece or friend). Here are some Kris Kringle themes to consider.

Wear the trend: Monochrome

One of the easiest ways to go fashion-forward without breaking the bank is monochrome: dressing head to foot in shades of one color. It’s one of the biggest trends this year and it’s fairly easy to do. You and I already have various items of clothing that fall on the same color spectrum, all we have to do is wear them all together!

The beauty of the trend is that you can go as wild as you like in bright colors or go staid and neutral, like me.

Treats for tricks

Iggy - Sheer top

I’m really looking forward to the long weekend (which *full disclosure* I’ll probably spend cleaning the underside of the kitchen stove) because I dearly need a break! But like many busy moms, I don’t have the time or the budget to go on a weekend “staycation” or even spend the day in the spa (which I don’t enjoy anyway). What I do are mini-treats: five-minute pick-me-ups you can squeeze into your day and emerge feeling just a tiny bit better and ready for the challenges ahead.

Read the Label

You’re a civilized person: you bathe at least once a day, brush your teeth, sanitize your hands after grimy MRT rides and before eating, and wear cologne and deodorant out of consideration to the people you encounter each day. You may even wear make-up to enhance your features.

But do you every wonder what’s in the products you use each day? Are they really safe?

Wear the trend: Accessory overload

The necks and wrists of trendsetters from Rachel Zoe to style bloggers like Leandra Medine of Man have lately been weighed down with piles of jewelry. Depending on the accessories used and the outfits paired with, your “arm party” (to borrow a term from Man Repeller) can signify a whole range of looks, from

Satchel crazy

The Frances Satchel from Frannie & Vinnie

The word in bags today is satchels. Originally used to carry books for school, these bags are great for their boxy, roomy bodies and long straps – you can wear them across your body and without wrangling them like a tote when you’re out and about. Plus, the bag’s shape and style evokes the late ‘80s to early ‘90s, which is a big trend right now. You can run errands and go about your day but still look effortlessly fasyon. So what satchel should you get?

Unexpected Inspirations

I like to watch Bravo’s The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, which is like Project Runway in an alternate universe (and of course has the fabulous Iman, who talks like a Bond villain). One of the things they do at TFS, presumably to differentiate it from Heidi Klum’s show, is to present their collections’ mood board – a board filled with pictures, swatches of fabric, strips of paper and other bits meant to evoke the mood and inspiration behind the looks of that collection.

I do something like this, but lazier: I save pictures from style blogs for inspiration. The clothes or makeup from the photos I choose don’t always make it to what I wear, it’s more of “feeling” the mood and the spirit in that photo and translating it to the way I dress.

Beatrix Ost, from Refinery29

This absolutely wonderful photo, for example, is part of post on Stylish Women in their 70s on Refinery 29. I’m probably not going out in a turban and fingerless gloves anytime soon, but I just love this lady for the joie de vivre that exudes out of picture. I also love the photo caption:

This is artist and writer Beatrix Ost. One of her favorite sayings is ‘In your body is a good place to be.’