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Giving your “heart”, and other symbols of love

Forever my Love by Karat World

While we’d like to show our loved ones our affection every day of the year, it’s on February 14 that romance goes full swing. This is why we like to give tokens of love on Valentine’s Day. And while those chocolates taste great and put everyone in a romantic mood, there’s nothing like a symbol of love one can keep as a memento of your partner’s devotion.

Here are some symbols that have been given to signify love throughout history:

  1. The glove – In Victorian times, valentines sometimes came in the form of tiny paper gloves. And in the past when wearing ladies’ gloves were the fashion, a woman often accepted a man’s proposal by giving him her glove. The glove is an intimate item of clothing, and thus, giving it to another person was quite a declaration of affection.
  2. The red rose – As a symbol of love, the red rose has never gone out of style. There are Greek myths on the origin of the red rose. One tells of how a white rose was stained with the blood of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, when she pricked her foot on a thorn in her haste to rush to her dying lover Adonis’s side. Another says the red roses sprung from the blood of Adonis himself.

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Holiday gift idea: Gear beer bottle markers from Wicked Matter

Gear beer bottle markers from Wicked Matter, P200 at ZALORA Philippines Home and Living

Children’s Books for the Holidays

The Christmas season is here and if you are having trouble thinking what to give as presents, remember that there’s nothing better than sharing the joys of reading with friends. Below are some titles for everyone to cherish this merry season.

Ang mga Lambing ni Lolo DingAng Mga Lambing ni Lolo Ding is a story of a grandfather in his twilight years lovingly sharing his wisdom and values with his grandson. Written by Michael Coroza with art by Maurice Risulmi and published by Adarna House, this book celebrates traditional Filipino values and the tender relationship between children and their elders.

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Your holiday guide to gifting jewelry

As gifts, jewelry is very personal. Not just because they can be very expensive, but because they are worn close to the body and therefore a constant reminder of the giver. Jewelry make terrific holiday gifts! Giving jewelry signifies that the receiver is someone special, that there are fond memories between you and the person you’re giving it to or that you are making a commitment to your relationship. Which is why one must take extra effort and care when choosing jewelry to be given as gifts.

  1. It’s important to know whether the one receiving the gift actually wears jewelry. Some people do, and some don’t. If your friend or loved one can afford to buy jewelry but doesn’t wear any, then perhaps not wearing jewelry is a matter of preference to them. Consider giving them something functional, like a dress watch they can wear for glitzy occasions. Another option is a brooch, which is worn pinned to a shirt or dress — someone uncomfortable with wearing jewelry on their wrists or earlobes might be happy to have something beautiful on their outfit instead.
  2. Figure out what kind of jewelry your friend likes to wear. Some people are partial to rings, and some only wear necklaces. Give them what they are likely to wear. If your friend doesn’t like heavy earrings, perhaps diamond stud earrings would be a better gift choice. If they have a favorite piece of jewelry, you could give them a matching piece they can wear with that favorite item. It shows you pay attention.

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Holiday gift idea: Chain bracelet by Mia Casa

Get it from Zalora Philippines.

Shop smart for the holidays

Human Nature gift packs

I have a confession to make: I’m not a Divisoria fan.

This is blasphemy for a Thrifty Mom to say. Everyone loves Divi! The deals! The crazy buys! The savings! I know. For three Christmas seasons I did my gift shopping there. We would go last week of November/ first week of December. It was brutal. You need to have the art of split-second decision-making down, because there’s no time to browse. (Once we were with a notoriously slow-shopper friend who wanted to go back for a skirt she’d seen that morning, which meant we had to go against the flow of the crowd and find that tiny stall amidst the crazy. It almost came to fisticuffs.) The crowds are insane and you are shunted along whether you want to or not. It’s filthy and dangerous too: my crossbody bag got slashed once, the umbrella I placed inside protecting my wallet from being stolen. Then there’s the exhaustion of hauling tons of stuff home in those plastic-coated banig bags. I don’t miss walking to the highway to hail a Pasay bus laden with two of these behemoths.

I get it though. Craziness is part of Divi’s charm and for other people, the whole Amazing Race-ness is what makes it so attractive. Not me. These days I’m all about online shopping. No dealing with crowds, infinite time to browse, hell, I don’t even have to get up from a chair.

So if you’re planning to shop online for your gift list, here are some websites to hit up:

Human Nature

Human Nature Christmas gift sets

Here’s why you should get Human Nature’s awesome products; but if you’re still not convinced, their Christmas gift sets should change your mind. Ranging from P99 to P729 and complete with sustainable packaging, ribbon and tag, they’ve got stuff that’ll cover your gaggle of inaanaks, officemates, kikay friends and impossible-to-shop-for brothers. You can also check out their “Gifts of Goodness” offerings — quirky, fun things like notebooks, bamboo bowties, dolls and drinks made by social enterprises, which means they benefit disadvantaged communities. Cool and socially conscious!

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Holiday gift idea: “Book Lover” mug from Booktique

More from Booktique at

Holiday gift idea: Tote bags from Team Manila

Quirky, fun gifts are Giggle Wrap-ped

Giggle Wrap

We discovered just the way to ensure your gift makes an impression even before the recipient opens it — use Giggle Wrap! Created by Filipino designer Kristian Cruz, these gift wrappers can be purchased from the MoMA store (New York) and Colette (Paris).

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Project: Shopping tote bags

Tote bags

Quezon City is just the latest city government to enforce a ban on plastic bags. Establishments are now required to use paper bags, or charge for plastic. The truly less-to-no waste solution though, is to bring your own bag. Consider giving these as gifts to your QC-based friends, or better yet, make them from fabric you’ve got around the house.

Some visual pegs for your tote bag project:

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