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Sharwin vs the Non-Russian Food

Sharwin vs the Non-Russian Food

The invitation came as a surprise to me, especially since the event was barely 3 weeks away. The Cultural Diplomacy Office of the DFA, which I have been working with, and the Embassy of the Philippines to the Russian Federation, asked me to cook Filipino food in Moscow. The aim was to not only showcase our cuisine but also help facilitate Russian wholesalers’ interest in importing our foods. What self-respecting chef says no to that?

I wanted to try some food outside for dinner. Little did I know that was tougher than I thought. If you’ve read my Japan adventures about struggling with English, it was way worse here. Very few people spoke English, and Russian was nowhere close to any of the languages I could speak. It took me all of 15 minutes to buy a tube of toothpaste from the drug store! Near the store, though, i could smell some awesomeness.

Chef Sharwin in Russia - shawarma

Curiosity Got the Chef: King of Blissful Thinking

Curiosity Got the Chef - King of Blissful Thinking

The third season of Curiosity Got the Chef premieres with a full-course meal for a Chinese engagement ceremony. Chef Sharwin delights his viewers as he cooks up some dishes as the King of Blissful Thinking.

The show starts off with Chef Sharwin making the Pork Tenderloin with Apple-Hoisin Dip. The tenderloin is marinated overnight in a mixture of Shaoxing wine, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil. It is then grilled along with some mantou bread, then baked in an oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees celsius. The pork is then sliced thinly and served with a dipping sauce made from a simple mixture of apple juice, honey and hoisin sauce.

Chef Sharwin Tee - Curiosity Got the Chef

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Curiosity got the Chef Mother’s day Special: Feast for a Queen

Green tea smoked salmon with miso sauce

The second Sunday of May has been dedicated to celebrating every home’s mom and Chef Sharwin makes Mother’s Day even more special.

His first dish, Coco Jam “Lava” Madeleines, is a fresh twist on the butter cake recipe. Coco jam is first prepared by forming it into small blobs then placing it in a freezer for it to solidify. To make the batter, mix sifted flour, baking powder and salt with browned butter, sugar, and eggs into a thick consistency. This is poured into muffin pans. Put the frozen coco jam on top of the batter, then pour the rest of the batter on each portion. Bake in oven. [Read more.]

Mother's Day with Chef Sharwin: A feast fit for a queen

Sharwin and the Anti-Ramen

sharwin and the anti-ramen

Before I was scheduled to meet my high school friend, Sherilyn, I knew I had to get some shopping done.  Stepping out of my hotel, which was 5 minutes away from Tsukiji Market, I began my final shopping run. The outer market of Tsukiji was a field of activity, like the Greenhills tiangge but only of food!   I managed to buy my Katsuoboshi (bonito flakes), which was my main goal. In Tokyo, they were sold by bulk, 500-gram packs. Then I grabbed some preserved ginger and apples. Sold by the roadside, these made for excellent snacks and great for pasalubong as well.

Sharwin and the Anti-Ramen: Tamago Breakfast would be freshly-made tamago. There were plenty of tamago stands along the streets and I grabbed a “small” one with chili flavor. Nicely cooked and not too sweet, it was an excellent way to jumpstart the morning! The best part was there were tons of flavors available, ranging from chicken to seaweed.  On the way back to the hotel, I spied some Togarashi pepper. It looked fresh not as ground-up as the ones we’re used to here so I grabbed a bottle. This was my kind of shopping trip!

For lunch, I headed to meet Sherilyn to check out, in her opinion, one of the best noodle places in Tokyo.  Steps away from the A4 exit of Iibadashi train station lay the tsukemen place.  The funny part is, you place your orders and pay through a vending machine OUTSIDE the restaurant and then you line up and wait for them to call you when your seats are ready.  The tsukemen, though, was no laughing matter.

Sharwin and the Power of Turo

chef sharwin and the power of turo

Throughout my 4 day stay in Tokyo, I often resorted to broken English, a few “desu kas,” “arigato gosaimases” and a lot of “turo” or pointing.  Sometimes, that can lead to some awesome discoveries.

A few of those discoveries were in the Ameyoko Flea Market.  After spending a couple of hours walking along Kappabashi Dori (which is heaven for chefs – a 2-3 km. stretch of nothing but culinary stores), I developed quite an appetite.  I took a train to Ueno and began to look for the famous Japanese flea market. Before I left the train station, though, I needed an ice cream break! Baskin Robbins was smiling at me and what greeted me was this treat of a flavor: Ichigo Milk Ice Cream! Named after a Japanese cartoon, it had a wonderfully creamy milk ice cream, richer than your normal vanilla and it also had some strawberry ice cream with nice sweet strawberry chunks.  Quite a flavor!

Ichigo Milk Ice Cream

Traversing the flea market, I was more interested in the food being offered than the discount clothes, and my first stop was an izakaya, or a drinking joint.  Since it was early afternoon, it was not busy.  Usually izakayas serve yaki toris with sweet sauces, but the one I ate in served theirs with salt and a spicy bean paste.  Left with no choice but to point, I pointed at four items, hoping to God I got at least one right.  And I really was! First came a chicken meatloaf, like a long Tsukune or meatball.  Very flavorful and tender, a great beginning. Then the good stuff came in.  Chicken Gizzard, chewy with a slight crunch, no disturbing odors.  I wish they were slightly more tender but it was good.  A stick of grilled chicken skin was a win, with its slight crunch and rich fatty goodness.  Lastly, a traditional chicken yaki tori with leeks.  Juicy and perfectly cooked, even the leeks were tender and flavorful. Points for lucky pointing! 

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Sharwin and the Temple of Sushi

Sharwin and the Temple of Sushi

My second full day in Japan started early, 3.30 am (2.30 am Manila time), to be precise.  It was such as ungodly hour that I half-expected a ghost or apparition would appear in my tiny hotel room to scare me to death.  Unlike most days, however, I didn’t mind waking up this early.  After all, I was going to Tsukiji Market, the Temple of Sushi.

I got to the Fish Information Center to line up for the tuna auction at around 420 am.  They only allow 120 tourists per day to watch the auction and to my surprise, I wasn’t even the first (or the 15th) person in line.  After chilling outdoors with a Spanish couple and basically humiliating my old Spanish teacher by butchering my conversational Spanish (a donde a la biblioteca?) the 120 of us were herded into the waiting room.  Here we were given bright yellow vests for safety (and also so market purveyors could look at us with disdain as ‘those evil tourists’) plus specific instructions on how not to get killed inside the market.  Warnings of watching out for moving forklifts and trucks and not using flash photography were ingrained in our minds through sheer repetition (for about 40 minutes) and then we were off!

Chef Sharwin Tee - Sharwin and the Temple of Sushi

Chef Sharwin’s Vegetarian Dinner with Dia (aka the Dia Frampton Menu)

Chef Sharwin with Dia Frampton of the Voice, and our own Christian Bautista

Chef Sharwin Tee (@chefsharwin), host of Lifestyle Network’s Curiosity Got the Chef and MangoJuiced columnist, has made it a mission to get people to see Filipino food in unique and fun ways. Last weekend, he got the opportunity to show that off some more when he hosted a dinner for Dia Frampton (@diaframps, The Voice Season 1) and friends. The challenge? Guest of honor Dia is a vegetarian — and Pinoy food is notoriously meaty.

Chef Sharwin's Vegetarian Dinner with Dia (aka the Dia Frampton Menu)

Challenge accepted!

Curiosity Got the Chef: Cheese Is How We Do It

Cheese was the main ingredient in the November 28 episode of Curiosity Got the Chef, as Chef Sharwin shows us new ways to use everyone’s second favourite dairy product in cooking. Find out how it’s done: Cheese Steak, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and Brie Cheese Cake with Caramelized apples.

24/7 Grilled Cheese - Chef Sharwin Tee (Photo courtesy of Curiosity Got the Chef)

Dinner Date with the Chef (Curiosity Got the Chef Ep 3)

Grilled New York Strip Steak with Creamy Mushroom Crust

A romantic dinner is always a challenge to pull off. The right place, charming ambience, and of course, the perfect food. The latest Curiosity got the Chef episode has Chef Sharwin out to prove the old proverb that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is not gender specific.


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