Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show features gift ideas for businesses

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Apart from excellent service and products, nothing fosters the bond between businesses and clients like a well-thought-out gift during the holiday season. Lean times come and go, but it’s when the business climate is rough that companies need to show their clients appreciation. When better days come, clients will remember you.

This is why every year, in July, entrepreneurs and business folk flock to the country’s biggest expo for corporate gifts and promotional merchandise. This year is no different, as the Corporate Giveaways Annual Buyers’ Show on Business Gifts, Premiums, Promotional Ideas & Merchandise Incentives once again gathers a specialized group of exhibitors under one roof, as they have for 26 years in a row now.


Online shopping tips

The holidays are approaching. This means a lot of shopping for Christmas gifts for our friends, colleagues, and loved ones. To avoid the traffic, smart shoppers have turned to online shopping sites for bargains. While convenient, online shopping has its share of pitfalls, so, a social commerce network for buyers and sellers, shares some tips we can all use.


The 11th Filipino Franchise Show dubbed “Galing ng Pinoy” to take place on October 12-14 at the WTC

Filipino Franchise Show

If you are looking for homegrown franchises, you’ll find the 11th Filipino Franchise Show to be the best marketplace.

This October 12-14, a showcase of Filipino talents and promotion of “Galing ng Pinoy” through an exhibit of Filipino products and services will be held at the 11th Filipino Franchise Show at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Personal Finance for Couples

Managing finances — when you’re married or in a relationship — can get tricky.

There are working spouses who get by on a weekly allowance, after turning over their entire monthly salary to their partners. I’m a working wife but count me out of that arrangement. I believe in freedom and empowerment.

But if one partner is super organized and imposes a full turnover of funds because she (or he) thinks the other will spend it buying non-essentials, that’s another story. There’s also the matter of some people just being better at taking care of every peso earned.

Kiva: Empowering others for P1,000

When you next find yourself in a “giving to strangers” mood, consider taking your credit card and heading over to