TOMS Challenges Us To Imagine A Day #WithoutShoes

TOMS #withoutshoes - BGC

To raise awareness for children’s health, TOMS holds an annual campaign called “One Day Without Shoes”. The company challenges us to imagine what it’s like to have no shoes, in hopes that one day every child will no longer have to suffer diseases that could be prevented by something a lot of us take for granted.

Filipino Models Shine in DIVA’s SupermodelMe: Sirens

SupermodelMe: Sirens

Together with 10 other models from across Asia, Filipinos Jasmine Ng and Irish Ong will compete in the fifth and latest season of SupermodelMe. Titled SupermodelMe:Sirens, it will premiere on the 24th of November on DIVA.

According to Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Universal Networks International, unlike other modeling competition-based reality shows, “SupermodelMe represents another example of DIVA’s commitment to not only entertain but empower its core female viewers. The women featured in the series prove that real beauty lies beyond a pretty face.”

Bold and Elegant: The Plains & Prints Pre-Fall Collection 2014

Anne Curtis for Plains & Prints

There was no way I was going to fade into the background in these — my first thought on seeing the clothing brand Plains & Prints’ new pre-fall collection. As with all of the brand’s designs, the collection is unapologetically urban and feminine.

Anne Curtis sits down for afternoon tea with media, style bloggers and fans at the unveiling of Plains&Prints Pre-Fall Collection 2014

The search for the new face of Baby Mossimo and Mossimo Kids

mossimo kids

Sometimes, it’s not all about the spotlight and gorgeous outfits. Modelling can be about building self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of fulfillment in doing what you enjoy.

I remember when I was a kid and I would do the “Betty Boop” pose in front of a mirror—hands on the waist, shoulders stiff, butt out, and lips pouty. I would take my floral blanket and make five different styles of gowns out of it.

Do you see your kids doing the same? Do they like dressing up? Do they dream of being a model on billboards and runways? Turn their dream to reality!

Festival Supermall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, in partnership with and Mossimo Kids, is looking for little fashionistas to be the next face of Baby Mossimo and Mossimo Kids.

No to XL discrimination!

No to XL discrimination! -- Cotton On

Is it just me or does there seem to be a ban on XL-sized clothing among high-street retailers?

I fit a size L dress in Forever 21, but if I want to go up a couple of inches in the bust, I’m directed to the plus size section — where clothes seem to start at XXL (major fabric swimming!)

I went to the Cotton On at Bonifacio High Street and asked for a dress in XL. “We only carry up to size L,” says the sales associate, despite the fact that the tag clearly stated that sizes go up to XL. You could also say the same thing for the Uniqlo at SM Mall of Asia.

And last weekend — horror of horrors! — I wanted to pick up a sweet pair of khaki shorts from former favorite TerraNova, but suddenly no XL ones were to be found. I looked around the store: indeed, there seemed to be an XL sweep, because that size was suddenly gone.

What’s going on? Do the companies that bring in these retailers to the country believe that no Pinay is over US size 10, or that those who are don’t shop? Is it more cost-effective to stock XS-L items and neglect the next size? Do they think it’s a great marketing strategy to separate larger shoppers from the “normal” and give them a smaller selection?

Swimsuits for keeps

Marilyn - Anemone halter

Do you ever get swimsuit anxiety every time summer rolls around? I do — and not just finding suits that fit and flatter, but are stylish and will remain so even next summer!

Plus, every person has their own swimsuit issues: What parts do you want to cover? What do you want to show off? What needs support (cough cough)? All these conspire to make swimsuit shopping majorly stressful!

But maybe these tips can point you in the right direction:

  1. I consider swimsuits a “splurge” item. Spend a bit to get suit that provide good support and won’t go all loose and bacon-y after a few washes.

Shanghai Summer Orange Bikini Fashion Show @ PRIVÉ: Our 5 favorite looks

Shanghai Summer Orange Bikini Fashion Show

Ladies, are you ready for the summer? Your plane tickets are booked and your hotel reservations confirmed, but have you (1) packed your flattering and gorgeous swimsuits that will make you sizzle in the sun, and (2) gotten the requisite waxing of your bikini line? No? Well swimsuit company I Love Koi and STRIP Ministry of Waxing are here to help.

Luxury club Privé was packed that Thursday night for the Shanghai Summer Orange Bikini Fashion Show presented by I Love Koi and waxing experts STRIP. Team MJ loved that the show featured swimsuits that are flattering to women of different complexions and sizes and heights. The bold colors and sexy lines of the bikinis and one-piece suits will make you want to throw away whatever floral suit you’ve been stuck with for the past three years. Of course, to be completely beach and pool ready, you’ll need a waxing appointment from an expert (unless you’re purposely making a statement with your body hair, because we respect that), but don’t fret because the STRIP Ministry of Waxing has that covered, with fun waxing products like their new Shanghai Summer Orange.

Here are Team MJ’s favorite looks from the fashion show:

  1. Shanghai Summer Orange Bikini Fashion Show by I LOVE KOI and STRIP Ministry of WaxingWhile some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there’s nothing like gold to make you feel like a goddess while you enjoy the sun. Perfect for women who prefer more coverage than what a string bikini will give, this one features a high-waist bottom with sexy little slits.
  2. Shanghai Summer Orange Bikini Fashion Show by I LOVE KOI and STRIP Ministry of WaxingThis cute number brings out the comic book geek in us — after all, who hasn’t looked at the Wonder Woman and wondered what it would be like to wear that bright red and blue costume?

[More summer favorites, and a video of the show’s highlights.]

The Antony Morato launch @ HYVE: Our 5 favorite looks

Antony Morato launch at HYVE

A few days ago, Team MJ put on our clubbing shoes and hied down to HYDE at BGC for the launch of Italian men’s fashion brand Antony Morato. We were afraid it would be too difficult to pay attention to the clothes, as the models in the fashion show were molto caldi, but fortunately the stylish outfits were a sight on their own. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Antony Morato launch at HYVEWe like to say never underestimate the style power of a good jacket. Most of the time we like to wear suit jackets with, well, suits, but matched with a casual shirt and jeans or slacks, it makes you look dressed up without looking too stuffy for casual Fridays or going out for a drink with friends. The sleeves are cut a bit shorter than a suit jacket, so it makes for a more casual overall look.

  2. Antony Morato launch at HYVEIt’s summer, so boys and girls, it’s time to break out your most stylish shorts. And while guys in t-shirts are hot, a crisp, collared shirt over shorts make for a cooler look. After all, when going casual, it’s important to try to avoid looking as though you just rolled out of bed.

[More fashion and a video of the show’s highlights.]

The Chunky Heel

the chunky heel

Unlike The Funky Chicken, The Chunky Heel is not an embarrassing dance step, but it does share the former’s groovy origins. Chunky-heeled sandals have come and gone in fashion but they had their heyday in the 70s and early 80s. A particularly popular style was called “the fisherman sandal“. Why, I have no idea, but any fisherman in these shoes was sure to be stylish!

Chunky heels aren’t confined to sandals, though — they look equally cool as brogues or pumps.

Senso Karalay booties, Christian Louboutin brogues, J. Crew pumps and Madewell fisherman sandals

Whichever style you choose, the chunky heel is such a classic item to have in your closet: that squat, blocky heel introduces such a tomboyish, tough appeal.

Trend alert: Blocky tops

color block tops

Despite it being the so-called Year of No Trends, it’s still possible to detect some mini-trends in the fashion world, and one that I’m particularly loving from the recent cold weather photos are block-sleeved jackets.

Christopher Kane, as worn by Elizabeth Olsen; Helmut Lang; and Derek Lam

But it’s summer, you say! Here’s how it’s done …