For the love of Mom at Festival Supermall

For the love of Mom at Festival Supermall

It’s tough being a mom. First, there’s the incomparable act of giving birth, then the endless list of roles such as caretaker, teacher, chauffeur, and cook, among others. It’s only right that we celebrate our mothers and show her our thanks.

Festival Supermall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City throws an all-out appreciation for the family queen with amazing deals at Festival Supermall’s selected stores.

Let Mom feel like a queen too with great deals from Ageless Medical Spa from May 10-12. Mothers get a 40 percent discount on the Purifying Facial with Diamond Peel, any SDS treatment, or the whole body scrub with whitening. Moms can also avail of a 25 percent discount on the RF Viora treatment for the face and medical slimming.

Mommies shopping at Pd&Co. customers will receive a Nail-a-Holics Spa voucher for every P2,500 minimum purchase on regular items from May 1-15; 101 New York gives a 20 percent discount on all regular priced ladies’ apparel and accessories from May 6-12; Terranova Italia’s also gives special offers on selected items until May 31.

Holiday gift idea: Baby bath set from Human Nature

Halloween Costumes: Winged Wonders

A costume with wings, I think we can all agree, is better than one without. Also, this can be a great reason to repurpose any wings from previous costume parties now collecting dust in a cabinet!

Throw on a yellow-and-black ensemble and be a bee

More winged inspiration inside this post…

Baby slings make great gifts for a mom-to-be

Baby Slings

These stylish slings aren’t just an accessory — they actually can distribute the baby’s weight really well and help a mom carry a baby for a long period without the aches and pains. If you’re getting one for a friend, look for one that fits her style. There are some cool designs out there now!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

More cool slings, and one for dad too!

Traveling with Kids (Part 3: Why it’s worth it)

Traveling with kids : Why it's worth it

The hassle of traveling is but a small price to pay for the experience you gain. As long as you prepare well and keep a positive attitude, your children and you will reap immeasurable benefits from travel.

Traveling with Kids (Part 2: While Traveling…)

Traveling with Kids, Part 2

Now, a few ideas when traveling.

Prepare your child. They are never too young to understand, I think. I explain everything to my child. Even when she was an infant, I talked to her about what was going to happen or what was happening. “We are going on a trip! First, we will ride the car to the port, where all the ships are docked Then, we will get on a big ship. We will get our own cabin and maybe we can see dolphins! When we get there, we will ride a car to Lola’s house! You will see Lolo and Lola, aunties and uncles, and all your cousins! It is going to be so fun!”

One time, when we hit some turbulence flying somewhere over the South China Sea, I saw the fear flash across her face. I countered it with a calm voice, explaining, “We hit an air pocket! Isn’t this exciting? Is your tummy getting tickled?” Then I make light of it, “Bumpy-bumpy-bumpy bump! Wheeeee!” in time to the dips and rises. She giggled and asked for more air pockets.

Rustan’s Supercenters and Human Nature promote natural baby care with Born Free campaign

Press Release: Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI), along with Mommy Mundo, most active Filipino mom portal and community partners with personal care and cosmetics brand Human Nature to champion natural baby care with Born Free: Making it Right from the Start, a campaign that introduces its Natural Baby Care Line as an ideal option for mothers with

Traveling with Kids (Part 1: Packing!)

Traveling with Kids

Summer’s here! Where are you off to? Are you looking forward to getting away with the kids, or are you thinking along the lines of getting away FROM the kids? This last week, I was on 5 flights through 4 airports. In each of my flights, there was either a fussy baby who cried like

Sleeping: With or Without You?

Sleeping: With or Without You

One thing I usually get asked about being a mother is whether my babies co-sleep (sleep on the same bed) with me, or in their own rooms. My answer is that they’ve always slept with me. Many will ask if this is preferred over having their own rooms, and the only best way to answer this is to say it depends on you. 

Before I became a mom, I had already decided to co-sleep. The plan was to eventually move her to her own room when she was a bit older. When my daughter was born however, I found it easier to have her close by.

Where the heart is: Staying home on Valentine’s Day

Where the heart is: Staying home on Valentine’s Day

They say home is where the heart is. The longer my husband and I have been married, the more we find this to be true… especially on Valentine’s Day. When most couples are out on the town, braving the gridlock to go to a special dinner or concert, we’ve found ourselves heading the opposite direction. That means staying in when everyone else is heading out.

We all crave something special, and Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share that something special with each other. Dinners and concerts are supposed to be special, and they can be. Lately, however, part of me doesn’t feel very special when I see legions of other people doing the exact same thing.

So here’s a proposal: why not stay in and show your home some love? The romance of a “Valentine’s night in” lies in privacy, in intimacy, in something unique that nobody else can share. Our homes are unique, and so are the lives we share within their four walls. Besides, I find there’s absolutely nothing romantic about traffic, so why deal with it at all when you can simply retreat into your own little world?