Review: Paranoia Park (2014)

Paranoia Park

It is always interesting to watch films of new directors because they don’t always follow the current trends. Being independent or new allows a director some leeway to follow his artistic instinct and do what he wants with the film. And it is because of this that films from independent or new directors always have something fresh to give to its audience.

Spoken Words, Sculpted Sounds: Art Sibs Kooky & Richard Tuason Set to Perform at MAD Fest 2014

Kooky Tuason

With a verve and vigor only words can match in sound, the sibling revelry that is Kooky and Richard Tuason takes stage on December 5, 2014 at JACK TV’s MAD Fest 2014 which will be held at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds from 4PM to 4AM.

A spoken word performance set to live sound art, the duo combines a hybrid of poetry and musical performance with Richard playing his work Ensemblage, a musical sculpture which sounds like an orchestra, and Kooky speaking soulful rhythms with her poetry.

Filipino Models Shine in DIVA’s SupermodelMe: Sirens

SupermodelMe: Sirens

Together with 10 other models from across Asia, Filipinos Jasmine Ng and Irish Ong will compete in the fifth and latest season of SupermodelMe. Titled SupermodelMe:Sirens, it will premiere on the 24th of November on DIVA.

According to Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Universal Networks International, unlike other modeling competition-based reality shows, “SupermodelMe represents another example of DIVA’s commitment to not only entertain but empower its core female viewers. The women featured in the series prove that real beauty lies beyond a pretty face.”

What’s in your PiLE? New online music app for OPM lovers on its way

Team Project PiLE

Quick, what are your favorite bands? Great. How many of them are local?

The truth is, the Philippine music scene is brimming with talent and passion, yet not too many of the artists are able to reach mainstream audiences for a variety of reasons.

PiLE is about to change all that.

Launching this month, PiLE is a local music search engine and sharing platform intended to promote the local music industry. Quite simply, PiLE hopes to give users access to an impressive database of Filipino music and artists, culled from other locally managed sites. It gives the user an easy and convenient way of finding new original Pilipino music (OPM), and to share their discoveries and favorite songs and artists with their friends.

Kai Honasan performs at the PiLE press con

Things we learned after watching Starting Over Again

Starting Over Again
  1. Architecture is a hot career for rom-coms
    The similarly titled One More Chance from 2007 also featured a bad breakup, a second chance, and a female lead as an architect. How exciting are your lives really, female architects? Maybe we should switch careers!

  2. Ancestral homes are lovely
    Starting Over AgainAn old family home and whether it should be sold, renovated, or restored is at the center of the film. Reminded us of these hidden gems in our crowded city.

  3. Piolo Pascual, meanwhile, can switch careers all he wants
    As Marco Villanueva in this movie, Piolo starts off as a history teacher, but switches careers several times. But the smolder is consistent!

Chinese New Year open house at iAcademy

iAcademy Chinese New Year

iACADEMY celebrated its first Open House for the year 2014 on February 1, with delegations from Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. It had a Chinese New Year’s theme, with Chinese-styled lunch and a live Lion Dance and school tour. Delegations were composed of a mix of senior high school students, parents, guidance counselors and faculty members from the following schools: Maquiling School of Los Banos, St. Joseph Academy of Valenzuela, Harrel Horne Integrated School from Cavite and San Isidro Catholic School of Pasay. Several walk-in participants also attended.

iAcademy Open House 2014

Team MJ Finds Its Beat at iAcademy’s Popcorn Mondays

Drum Circle at iAcademy

Last Monday, 5 August, iAcademy launched its Popcorn Mondays, a month-long celebration of the arts, with a joyful noise. The first in the series of activities was a Drum Circle, which challenged the audience to express themselves by finding music using the objects in their surroundings. Kaya Green Band showed participants how to coax beats using bamboo sticks, cocktail glasses, tables and other flat surfaces. Music and lyrics man Bob K encouraged people to create different beats which the rest of the band seamlessly wove into their music.

Drum Circle at iAcademy
Popcorn Mondays is a project by iAcademy to expose their students to various creative influences to help them become better digital artists, game developers, software engineers, designers, and business managers. According to iAcademy president Vanessa Tanco-Cualoping and CEO Chiqui Morales, providing their students with a strong foundation in the arts can provide them with abilities sought after by many industries.

Blind Dates and Three Years of Reading Fun at Fully Booked

Three Years of Reading Fun at Fully Booked

Last July 27, Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street celebrated their third anniversary the best way they know how — with lots of books! The event was a treat for book lovers who celebrated the momentous event with the bookstore chain.

Fully Booked

And here was the main attraction of the party: some very easy games where the each winner gets to take home a mystery book of their choice.

Fully Booked - games and prizes

Popcorn Mondays at iAcademy

Monday is usually the least anticipated day of the week, but iACADEMY, one of the country’s leading design, business and information communication technology schools, is going to change that. Beginning this August, the school will hold Popcorn Mondays, a series of events designed to bring out the creative spirit in everyone.

5 August - Drum Circle - Popcorn Mondays
The first session on August 5 will feature Drum Circle, a workshop that will teach participants how to play drums. Kaya Green Band, the musical act behind “Bayani Ka”, the official theme of the Philippine team to the Homeless World Cup 2010, will be on hand to how to do basic beats for the first three hours. The activity will culminate with a jamming session, so prepare for a night of good vibes.

Curiosity Got the Chef: Steak House Dinner

It’s all about steak and everything that goes with it for this episode of Curiosity got the Chef with Chef Sharwin preparing several dishes in an episode aptly titled Steak house Dinner.

Chef Sharwin Tee - Curiosity Got the Chef - Spicy Double Garlic Soup

The first dish is the Spicy Double Garlic Soup. The garlic is seasoned with salt and pepper and roasted with olive oil in an oven. Meanwhile, the soup is prepared using olive oil to sweat out thinly sliced garlic then mixing in paprika, cayenne pepper, white wine and bread chunks, while pouring in chicken broth then have it simmer for eight minutes. Finally, we squeeze out the paste from the roasted garlic into the soup, and crack and mix couple of raw eggs for a white swirl.