Filipino Models Shine in DIVA’s SupermodelMe: Sirens

Jasmine Ng and Irish Ong - SupermodelMe: Sirens

“There’s always a shortage of peanut butter in the house,” says Irish Ong, laughing, at the recent press conference for the new season of the modeling competition reality show SupermodelMe. The twenty-year-old, one of the two Filipino models in the show, exudes a confidence beyond her years, but with the bubbly nature of one just out of her teens.

Jasmine Ng - SupermodelMe: Sirens

Jasmine Ng

Jasmine Ng, despite her classic Filipino-Chinese looks, speaks in a charming Australian accent and seems the more laid back of the two. “I’m an indoorsy type of girl,” she says. A freelance model in her home country of Australia, she’s had to book her own jobs and interact with people in the industry for work.

Together with 10 other models from across Asia, Jasmine and Irish will compete in the fifth and latest season of SupermodelMe. Titled SupermodelMe:Sirens, it will premiere on the 24th of November on DIVA.

According to Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Universal Networks International, unlike other modeling competition-based reality shows, “SupermodelMe represents another example of DIVA’s commitment to not only entertain but empower its core female viewers. The women featured in the series prove that real beauty lies beyond a pretty face.”

More than the contestants just competing as models, they had to face other challenges as well. Jasmine recounted how difficult the physical challenges were. “They were a lot harder than they thought it was going to be,” she says. “It’s going to be really entertaining to watch.” Fellow contestant Irish’s biggest challenge were the more mentally demanding tasks, the ones that tested her confidence.

Gabriella Leonardo and Rafaela Leonardo

Gabriella Leonardo and Rafaela Leonardo

Two other Sirens finalists Japanese-Brazilian twins Rafaela and Gabriella Leonardo thought their biggest challenge was overcoming being compared to each other, being identical siblings in the same profession. However, the competition was not as cut-throat as one might assume. Gabriella says, “Living with 11 girls was fun.” Especially, she added, because each one had her own unique characteristics and personality.

It is this uniqueness, they say, that allows Asian models to compete globally in the fashion industry. “There is no such thing as a stereotypical model anymore,” Jasmine says. “It’s all about being unique and beautiful inside and out.”

Irish Ong - SupermodelMe: Sirens

Irish Ong

“Asians age slowly, and gracefully,” Irish points out, and added that one now sees a lot of Asians modeling in New York. “Flawless skin,” Rafaela adds, noting one of the features Asians are known for.

SupermodelMe: Sirens fun facts:

  • There are 12 contestants from seven countries across Asia.
  • The youngest contestant is 20 years old.
  • This season marks the first time siblings will compete for the same prize: Gabriela Leonardo and Rafaella Leonardo of Japan.
  • Six cat fights will be aired.
  • There will be 21 crying scenes in total.
  • 10 photo challenges and one video challenge were staged.
  • The finalists had to go through seven rounds of interviews before being picked up.
SupermodelMe: Sirens -- Jasmine Ng, Irish Ong, Gabriella Leonardo, Rafaela Leonardo

Jasmine Ng, Irish Ong, Gabriella Leonardo, Rafaela Leonardo

Catch Jasmine, Irish, Gabriella, Rafaela and eight other contestants in the hottest modeling competition in Asia SupermodelMe:Sirens starting Monday, November 24 at 8pm, first and exclusively on DIVA.

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