Things we learned after watching Starting Over Again

Starting Over AgainCast: Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga
Director: Olivia M. Lamasan
Philippine release date: 12 February 2014
Duration: 130 minutes
Country: Philippines

  1. Architecture is a hot career for rom-coms
    The similarly titled One More Chance from 2007 also featured a bad breakup, a second chance, and a female lead as an architect. How exciting are your lives really, female architects? Maybe we should switch careers!

  2. Ancestral homes are lovely
    An old family home and whether it should be sold, renovated, or restored is at the center of the film. Reminded us of these hidden gems in our crowded city.

  3. Piolo Pascual, meanwhile, can switch careers all he wants
    As Marco Villanueva in this movie, Piolo starts off as a history teacher, but switches careers several times. But the smolder is consistent!

  4. Toni Gonzaga is not just a poreless, pretty face
    She gamely takes falls, bumps, and other physical jabs for laughs. But she also shines in simple scenes, like an extended drinking session that has her remain in character, reminding us of our own embarrassing heart-to-hearts with friends.

  5. Starting over again might be with someone unexpected
    Starting Over Again
    We’re not going to tell you how it ends, but our takeaway is that it’s hopeful, and all about the journey.

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