Out with the old, in with the new

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I love decorating the house for Christmas! I’ve loved it since I was a kid, and I’ve come to love it even more now that I have my own home.

My first Christmas in my very own home was in 2008, the year after I got married and moved to Singapore with my husband. I was thrilled to finally be the one to call the shots (moving up from bunso to lady of the house!) and I went on a Christmas décor bender in Landmark, my bargain mecca, with all the boundless enthusiasm and dewy-eyed wonder of the newly wed.

Fast forward three years later, and… well, I began to think I’d outgrown the packaged set of matching red and gold ornaments we bought in that first holiday frenzy. Our tree started to feel too coordinated, not special: more like a Christmas tree you’d find at a dentist’s office than a tree that could be cherished over the years, growing its roots deep into the memories of our young family.

So I started breaking up the matchy-matchy monotony by buying only one ornament at a time. I resolved to, over time, build a collection of carefully chosen ornaments that are special and pretty as individual pieces. So far it’s worked out pretty well.

Some of this year’s additions: black, feathers, and “antique” glass.

But my new direction left me with… balls. Old balls. A whole bunch of them, which I had to take off our now-crowded tree. I couldn’t bear to throw them away, because they were part of our first Christmas as a married couple. So I did something that you might want to try with your old ornaments too.

I took a large, clear glass cylinder (I got mine at a garden warehouse here in Amsterdam, but you could probably find the same things at Rustan’s, Landmark or SM) and filled them to the brim with all those old, previously loved Christmas balls.

What to do with leftover Christmas balls

Tadaaah! It’s pretty enough, but could use a little oomph…

What to do with leftover Christmas balls

That old string of Christmas lights with a few burned-out bulbs? Chuck ‘em in there too.

What to do with leftover Christmas balls

And voila! An easy Christmas table-topper that gently ushers out the old, so you can welcome in the new. Happy decorating!

Freelance writer Deepa Paul-Plazo lives in Amsterdam with her husband and cat. She travels, dabbles in creative pursuits, and swings wildly between having way too much and not enough free time. Follow her Amsterdam adventures on her blog (currystrumpet.blogspot.com) or on Twitter (@currystrumpet).

6 Responses to Out with the old, in with the new

  1. Thanks for the idea Deeps! Love it. Definitely doing this for next Christmas – wherever we may end up celebrating it! =)

  2. Carmina says:

    Deepa, this looks so good! And I think it solves my problem of how to have pretty lights indoors but keep it out of reach of the baby.

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    What do you do with the cord from the
    lights? Do you hang it off the top and
    drop it down to an electrical outlet?
    Or have you drilled a hole in the glass?
    And if you drilled a hole…HOW??!!

    • Sheila says:

      This is an excellent alternative to hanging the lights from the walls. The last time we did that, our dog snacked on them and we ended up calling a vet in for him.

  4. Deepa says:

    Hi Cathy! I let the cord hang off the top and drop down to an outlet near the floor. I just pushed it behind the vase (on the wall side) so it’s not as visible.

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